Get A Job!

20130610-215928.jpgMy response to Lauren Berger’s “Creating Balance Between Internship, Studies and your Personal Life.”

After reading “All Work. No Pay.” for my pre-internship class, I have followed Berger’s tweets and blog posts. They have proven to be very helpful, as I am now perusing my 4th internship. Her only suggestion that I have to disagree with in her post is her thoughts about having a job in college.

In her post she encourages her readers to “steer clear of working through college.” I understand that studies should be # 1, but for most students, myself included, not having a job is not an option. Even if it were an option for me, I would still have a job. I have learned how to save and spend money (wisely). I love all the internships I have held, but there’s something about working for money that make you want to work a little bit harder. Serving has taught me how to deal with difficult people, remain calm, communicate clearly and the list could go on and on. It’s also taught me that even though I work harder, it doesn’t mean I will get paid more, but at least I know that I have done the best to my ability. (*idea for another blog post*).

From intern, to intern… I agree with Berger… you should have an honest conversation with your supervisor about the hours you can intern, and explain to them that you have to make money as well (or tell them you have a job). All of my supervisors have understood. I was very polite about it, and told them the hours I could dedicate to the internship and the hours I needed to dedicate to my job (and school). They were in our once shoes before too! It is possible to achieve school, internship, and work. I do it, and I have social life…

Prioritizing can be difficult, but sticky notes and a nice big organizer can help along the way with balancing your “to do” list! I recommend any intern, in any field (during an internship or before an internship), to follow Berger at She is the queen of internships after all!

What tools do you use to stay organized and keep your priorities in line? How are you able to balance your time throughout the week? Let me know!


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