TEDx JAX- Mych Talks.

2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending TEDx Jacksonville’s inaugural event, which was a live simulcast of TED Global’s Session 6: World on Its Head, at the SunRay Cinema in Five points! Sadly it seemed like my friends and I were some of the youngest to attend the event, which was surprising. Next time I’ll be blowing up social media a little bit more to get the word out … FREE tickets, Five points, TED talks and alcohol… No negatives.

The overall theme I took away from the speakers was finding peace among places where peace doesn’t seem possible and to look at the world from a different perspective, which why it seems very appropriate to be posting today- The day DOMA  is no more. Before attending the event, I read in TEDx Jacksonville’s blog that “the session will be a chance to turn our conceptions of the Middle East and Latin America upside down, and to rethink staid assumptions about politics, religion, art, architecture, peacemaking and more.” AND IT WAS. 8 educated speakers with lots of information that I haven’t heard of before.


Calling all Jacksonvillians- SunRay Cinema sells buckets of beers, and you can bring the beer into the theater. You’re welcome (Yes I drink cheap beer… College Life).20130626-134931.jpg

This photo was taken right after they asked to video us saying “WE LOVE TEDX JAX!” And here’s the actual video… where I look embarrassing, I know.


Why will I be attending TEDx Jax’s next event? Because they put me on INSTAGRAM (@tedxjacksonville)! Only kidding, but it’s always nice to see yourself on instagram, or any other forms of social media after a fun event. I feel very appreciated, and honored to be referred to as a “TEDster.”

In case you’re wondering, TEDx Jacksonville’s next event is August 17, 2013 at MOSH. Yes, I will be there, and you should be too! For a full recap of Session 6: World on Its head, Click Here!

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!

P.S.S. This Blog was also posted to CoWork Jax’s Website!


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