Be Fearless. Be You.

As a twenty something, there is so much pressure to know exactly what you want to do AND DO IT as soon as possible. The question I wish I got paid for answering is, now and probably will forever be (maybe it will stop when I’m 30?), “So.. what are you doing (after college, with your life)?

“The single most important ingredient to success is perseverance” – Allison Arden

Publisher of Ad Age, Allison Arden, speaks briefly on being FEARLESS in the work place and to not loose sight of what you want. Know who you are, what you want to do and go with it.

It all starts with that first hand shake, first email, and first interview. GO FOR THE GOAL. Don’t give up!

In what ways have you been/ are you fearless?


Do Good

20130612-105240.jpgTELL ME I’M PRETTY!

I feel like that’s what the world is screaming at me all the time. “Compliment me!” “Compliment me!” “Give me all your attention!”… especially with social media (which is a whole other story.) But the world is really begging for some kind of “job well done.”

Is is so wrong to give it to them? Maybe not 1,000 likes on their profile picture or sessions where everyone “has an awesome time, drinks awesome shooters, listens to awesome music, and then just sits around and soaks up each others awesomeness,” but a solid kind compliment! (**If anyone knows where this quote is from, then I truly believe you are awesome!**)

… most of us don’t want to give them that “job well done” because we don’t want to boost their ego. As the famous anonymous said: “Don’t let people’s compliments go to your head, and don’t let people’s criticism go to your heart.” Instead of letting that person (complimentee?) filter a compliment through their head or their heart, we leave them empty with no compliments at all, because THEY DON’T DESERVE IT! Right? Isn’t that what goes through our minds sometimes?

I am guilty of this. That person has a big enough ego, the last thing I want to do is tell them “great job!” So maybe instead of thinking about all the politics behind a compliment, or weather or not it would sound creepy or awkward, or how they never compliment you so why should you compliment them… Get off your high horse and just compliment someone! Pat your coworker on the back for working over time that week. I’m sure they are probably thinking how their hard work never gets noticed. Over Worked. Underpaid. blah blah blah.

A compliment can really make someones day! Think back to the last compliment you received.. didn’t it feel good? Maybe it was a random in the grocery store that told you how beautiful you were, which was kind of creepy, but it still made your day didn’t it.. in a creepy great way?

I challenge you all to give someone a compliment today… and this week, and then see the smile creep from ear to ear across their (complimentee) face.

A little happiness never hurt nobody!