2 Girls. 2 Weeks.

Happy Mid- Summer! One of my berry best friends just got into town, and we made a bucket list…  and I’m posting it so that I will maybe feel some sort of obligation to attempt at finishing this weird list. Let’s see how far we get. I’ll be updating it with pictures and stories along the way (maybe bullet points too)… HANG ON TIGHT GANG. IT’S GOING TO BE A  BUMPY ONE! We’re attempting at making some sort of events calendar tonight.


Introducing Rita and Rachel

  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Camping, preferably Little (Lil’?) Talbot Island
  • Kayaking
  • Ropes Course
  • Nature Trail
    (This nature trail turned into a treck across Hodges Blvd.)
  • Conspiracy Theory (attempt #3) – details to come
    (attempted rumoring in St. Auggie)
  • Pottery World/ Planet (Painting Pottery Somewhere)
  • Introduce ourselves as “Dolphie” and “Merna”  (This actually happened and turned out pretty great if you ask me. Dolphie explained she was German and her parents were really into marine life.
  • St. Augustine Staycation
    (Whale- we didn’t stay the night, but we did go down for a full Sunday and had a Fun day. We even went to conch house)
  • Fernandina (Affectionately known as the “Dirty Dina”)
  • Explore Downtown (more of it… as opposed to the beach)
    (Downtown bars etc…)
  • Avoid Beach Bars as much as possible (see previous statement)
  • Team Building Ropes Course (Still looking for a team! Any takers?)
  • Create Summer Drink (Maybe using my mom’s margarita machine?)
  • Slip n Slide (home made)
  • Speed Dating (My mom told me no…)
  • Paint Balling
  • Sunrise over the beach and sunset over the river
  • Hole in the Wall Downtown bar
  • Hiking
  • Bike Riding
  • Grow Tadpoles
  • Mudding
  • Zoo
  • Hang out on a Roof
  • Paint
  • Throw food at each others faces and video tape it
  • Golfing range
  • Create a “real life” picture that is actually a video
  • Cause a scene in public (Nothing violent)
  • Art Walk
  • Dicks Wings& Cruisers. I crossed out Dicks, but it will happen probably 10 more times. YUM! Shout out to Branham and Danielle for being at our favorite hot spot… very nice surprise!
    (Cruisers happened in St. Auggie, and was delicious. Cheese fries and big salad, do I need to say anything more? My mouth is salivating just thinking about it.



  • Karaoke
    (Surprise, Surprise… This happened Sunday night at Monkey’s Uncle. We sang “Country Roads” by John Denver, and no one could here is so the DJ sang. It was a FAIL .
  • Ginnie Springs
  • Movie Date
  • World of Beer (New to Jax!)

Donations, suggestions and friends (old and new) welcome!